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We offer you best and cheap car rental in Tbilisi. Rent a car in Kutaisi, Tbilisi,  Batumi and throughout Georgia. Get affordable service now!

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Matthias Stumm
Matthias Stumm
Die Übergabe hat super geklappt. Auch eine verspätete Rückgabe (etwa 1 Stunde) war kein Problem. Das Auto war allgemein in gutem Zustand und hatte unsere Anforderungen erfüllt.
Christina Weingartner
Christina Weingartner
Everything was perfectly organized, the car was working fine and we got help and advise from Tbiliso Car Rental whenever we needed it. I totally recommend it! Special thanks to Nick and George!
Koen Verrecht
Koen Verrecht
Excellent service and communication, great value for money. We rented a van for our trip which was very well priced and in really good condition, with nearly new tires. The van was dropped off and picked up at our Airbnb free of charge. All communication before and during the rental was very smooth, via WhatsApp, and all agreements clear and to the point. Would certainly recommend and use this rental again!
Sachin Nambiar
Sachin Nambiar
We took the NISSAN XTERRA for 11 days when we travelled to Georgia. The car was excellent condition. The service was awesome. They took care of everything needed and were always available for help whenever needed. Especially George was a very nice and friendly person and eventually became my very good friend during the time we knew each other. I can recommend Tbiliso Car Rental for anyone visiting Georgia and you will get the best service.
Gadot Yaron
Gadot Yaron
good service also at night when landing and departure. the car was good (ford) on snow and on road never stopped
Thodoris Dim
Thodoris Dim
Best choice! From the start to the end everything were absolutely fine! We got an ford escape which prove amazing for the Georgian countryroads even in snow! And also way cheaper than the well known companies! Totally recommend it!! Thanks George!!
Best service, Best price, include insurance, 6 days 450 Gel. Pawel is good. I really recommend
Pook Sutatta
Pook Sutatta
The best Car Rental ever!! Pawell the owner helped us through everything. The car is nice and work very well for us. The service is awesome and very nice and easy to communicate with. There's no trick or anything, you can trust Pawell on this. We took the car to drive in the city and outside, works awesome!!
M.Talha Subzwari
M.Talha Subzwari
I had an amazing experience with this company. They are super professional and understanding. The car was well maintained and had 0 issues. I didn't face any issues with the car while travelling to Kazbegi. Amazing people. Highly recommended
Sheetal Naik
Sheetal Naik
As first time travelers to Georgia, we were a little anxious about the car rental situation. But from the moment we came across Tbiliso Car Rental the process was very smooth. From giving options for the rental as per our needs, the charges, the car itself all the services were top notch. Nick and George were prompt in addressing any and all concerns and putting us at ease. I would highly recommend Tbiliso car rental for anyone travelling to Georgia.

Car Rental in Tbilisi, Kutaisi & Batumi

With a rich history, an impressive heritage, dynamic cities, landscapes that go from the icy heights of the Caucasus to the subtropical shores of the Black Sea, through fertile countryside and vineyards, Georgia has got everything and it is no wonder that Georgia has become a popular tourist destination.

Anyone who has visited Georgia at least once will agree that Georgians are some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet. Our company is also based on this idea, to create maximum comfort for each client with our hospitality and service.

By providing excellent customer service, our company contributes to the development of tourism in the region. Our mission is to create a positive tourism environment with highly experienced staff. We have years of experience in working with tourists and official delegations.

Our top priority is to offer tourists reliable off-road vehicles, relevant to Georgian relief. In addition to this, we have a close and wide relationship with local tourism companies, which allows us to provide a safe and secure environment for tourists throughout the region. We want all our clients to be comfortable and feel safe during their journey.

So, when it comes to car rental in Georgia, Tbiliso Car Rental is the company to call.


About Tbiliso Car Rental

At Tbiliso Car Rental, we offer simple and quick car rental services. We offer quality car rental services in Georgia. Our full package of auto insurance and health insurance covers in Georgia. No advance payment guarantee is required, we do not have mileage or driver restrictions. Plus, we won’t charge you extra for an additional driver.

Car Rental in Georgia

When it comes to car rental in Georgia, only the best cars are acceptable. All of our cars are in very good condition, including our SUVs, hybrids, sedans, and minivans. You can pick up and drop off your rental car at the Tbilisi airport, a hotel, or even another Georgian city; we will deliver it to Batumi or Kutaisi. To take care of our vehicles, we have a service center with highly skilled technicians.

You can request a car collection or delivery if needed. This option does not have an additional charge within the city of Tbilisi, but if you want to pick up or deliver your vehicle in Batumi or Kutaisi there are additional fees.

Our company provides unlimited mileage for its vehicles, so there are no restrictions on their use. Similarly, customers may travel with a rented car in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, but they must prepare a border crossing document in advance. During the rental period, rented cars come with a full gas tank and should be returned refueled.


How To Rent A Car?

You can get car rental in Georgia in a variety of cities, including Batumi, Kutaisi, and Tbilisi. The vehicle can be picked up from the airport, our office, the hotel, or the any desired location. In order to make reservation you need book car via online from our fleet or also you can directly contact us via Email, WhatsApp or by phone.  We always advise checking out our frequently asked questions first, so you have an answer as quickly as possible. If you can’t find your question or do you prefer speaking to colleagues directly? Please feel free to contact us.    

If you wish to cancel car booking you should notify us in advance, using email or by phone, in such case no extra charge for cancellation will be applied.

What I Need For Renting A Car?

In order to rent a car, it is sufficient to send us your Passport/ID and driving license.

Yes, only Passport/ID card is required for car rental. We do not require advance payment guarantees.

Car Insurance

For your protection and peace of mind, in car rental price includes a full insurance package. Package included Our car Insurance, Passengers Insurance & Third Party Insurance with Zero deductible. If you wish get more details information follow rental Terms & Condition link

Payment Terms

In Tbilisi and other cities in Georgia, you can rent a car with cash, PayPal or major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. There are no hidden charges; you can find more information on our service terms in the appropriate section of our website.

Online Booking

Online booking is possible without prepayment, and if you wish to cancel a booking, you should notify us by phone or email in advance. No cancellation fee will apply in such cases. In order to book vehicle first you must choose from Car List.

Reach Out Today!

Our car rental is very easy to contact, you can just email us or call the numbers displayed below. We provide quick and easy car rental services.

Contact us via email at Or give us a call at either (+995) 511 14 99 33  for a quote or simply to ask a question.

There’s nothing holding you back! Reach out to us today to fulfill your needs for car rental in Georgia.

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