Car Rental FAQ

We have compiled a list of FAQ and answers for you to have clear information on any topic connected to Car Rental.

The daily rate based on a 24 hour rental day starting with the hour you pick up the vehicle, the vehicle insurance fee and all government taxis are included in the hire price.

Full 100% Vehicle insurance, drivers and passenger accident insurance is included in the hire price. for more details read our Terms & Conditions

No, we don’t need deposit

There is no cancellation cost with TBILISO CAR RENTAL so long as you notify company in advance about it, via email or by phone.

We don’t have any other charges for additional driver.

You can pick up the car either at the airport,hotel, cities or at the company office.

To extend your hire period, you need to go to our office, call us or send us an email info@tbilisocarrental.ge with personal details, asking us for an extension and authorizing us to charge the relevant amount to your credit card, it is not possible to extend via our web page.

We accepted Major International Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal, Bank Transfers and also Cash Payment

In case of road traffic accident or mechanical or other kind of damage of a vehicle renter must summon patrolling police and document the incident. She/he must also call “TBILISO CAR RENTAL” LLC or representative of “Prime Insurance” on the following phone number: (995 32) 2 24 15 24 or Hot Line: *1115  and inform insurance agent about above mentioned fact, otherwise insurance company will disengage itself from the reimbursement obligation.

We don’t have any restrictions on mileage.

The company will provide the car with full tank of fuel with your request or you can refuel the car by your own.

Yes, you will still be able to have the car.

Child Seats - Car Rental FAQ

Child Seats – Car Rental FAQ

Yes, we provide child seats, company should be notified about it in advance, it has an addition cost.

GPS navigation

GPS navigation

Yes, we provide GPS devices, company should be   notified about it in advance, it has an addition cost.