Kutaisi is the third largest city of Georgia, located in the central western region of Imereti on the Rioni River. In the middle ages it was the capital of the kingdom of Georgia. Later Kutaisi became the capital of Imereti. It was always in the list of the most important cities of Georgia.

The history of Kutaisi starts from the 3th century BC.  It’s considered that Kutaisi was the capital of Colchis (8th century BC). During the centuries it was the center of the west part of Georgia. History of the city and its name is still the subject of debating. There is a lack of historical facts about city, but It’s believed that Kutaisi has connection with antique Greek stories. In Argonautica author Apollonius Rhodius considered Kutaisi Jason’s and argonauts’ final destination. In the 6th century BC, along the east coast of the Black Sea, there was the old kingdom Colchis.  The legend about Argonauts tells that Jason reached the shores of Colchis where the powerful king was Aeetes and gained golden fleece, the secret of how to obtain gold.

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Besides of this famous legend, Kutaisi is the city of the greatests and most successful ruler David Agmashenebeli. In modern life it is home city of georgia’s famous public figures: Akaki Tsereteli, Zacharia Paliashvili and Kote Marjanishvili.

There are many spectacular sightseeings: centuries-old Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery with elaborate frescoes on the city’s outskirts, Geguti Castle, Tskaltubo Spa resort, Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve and ets. Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve is famous for the dinosaur footprints. At the moment there are 200 footprints known. Sataplia is one of the most popular place for tourists as well as for locals. Also, in Kutaisi there is the eparchy of Kutaisi-Gaenati.

Tourists can enjoy and get inspired with amazing sightseeings. There are diverse choice of museums, galleries, cafes, parks, cinemas, theatres and other places for entertainment.

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